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The electricity industry is undergoing transformation at a scale and pace never experienced. Advances in hybrid energy technology are expanding the possibilities of electricity generation by ensuring energy security using diverse energy sources and an ability to respond to load fluctuations.

While technological advances in equipment, computing and research are steadily improving the costs of hybrid power plants over more conventional standalone systems such as diesel generators. There still remains the challenge of installing the right control systems to optimize the power produced from clean energy components at a competitive price.

Reduce your power costs, deliver maximum uptime

Our SolSenseTM and Stellar Power PlatformTM solutions with in-built predictive management technology, controls and minimizes the run time of your generator. This approach offers substantial benefits in terms of reduced fuel costs, lower CO2 emissions as well as reduced maintenance and improved reliability of hybrid power systems.

With our automatic control schemes and proprietary algorithms we can monitor key power system data, provide remote diagnosis and control and guarantee optimization of maintenance and fuel tank filling schedules to reduce Opex and power system reliability.

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Case-studies & clients

Maximizing tower uptime in rural Honduras.

Maximizing tower uptime in rural Honduras.

Remote tower power maintenance built on advanced analytics

Fuel savings for C&I  facility operator

Fuel savings for C&I facility operator

Solar AI Optimization reducing OPEX.

Improved operation efficiency for  African Microgrid operator

Improved operation efficiency for African Microgrid operator

Simplify operations and uncover insights on integrated platform

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