New Sun Road is a California-based public benefit corporation that develops cloud-based technology solutions to address energy -poverty and enable Internet connectivity for off-grid communities. Our primary offerings include Stellar Power™, a software platform designed to optimize the management of renewables-based power systems, as well as the SolSense™ cloud-based monitoring and control hardware devices.   

A lack of affordable and reliable electricity limits the full productive potential of communities, presenting a key constraint to Internet access in remote locations. Our primary mission is to remove this barrier by developing affordable, resilient technologies to optimize the operation and management of off-grid solar microgrids. We believe that this will drive down the costs of microgrids - unlocking additional capital and enabling the scale of additional systems.  

Employing our technologies, we have developed the SolStation™ model –community-run energy, connectivity and economic development centers. We present this as a scalable model for both expanding energy and Internet access, increasing digital literacy skills, and fostering homegrown economic innovations. New Sun Road seeks to work with closely-aligned partners to make the model self-sustaining and applicable to a range of productive activities in communities across the globe.

Stellar Power Platform




Designed by microgrid operators for operators and investors, the Stellar Power Platform enables seamless real-time monitoring and management of remote renewables-based power systems.


  • Simplify operations and uncover insights by integrating and normalizing all data streams and services to one platform

  • Reduce cost and improve operations efficiency with intuitive analytics, automated anomaly detection, and smart incident tagging

  • Provide rapid, high quality customer service with integrated CRM and incident management

  • Easily track system portfolio status and performance

  • Hardware agnostic. Assemble systems from best-of-breed technologies without complexity or stack lock in with built-in adapters


  • De-risk investment with improved operations

  • Real-time visibility into performance

  • Unified view across investments

  • Reduce complexity and reduce costs with normalized reporting across systems with different hardware



New Sun Road’s SolSense devices are designed to enable reliable yet affordable monitoring and control of power assets located in harsh, remote environments.



New Sun Road’s SolSense™ Control provides robust monitoring and control across a wide range of input and output protocols and devices. Hybridized local and cloud-based architecture supports control optimization via machine learning and ensures availability of real-time insights anytime, anywhere. Local caching protects against data loss during network outages. Data streams to the cloud for use with New Sun Road’s Stellar Power System Management Platform or external processing via an open API.

Simple: Integrates into existing plants

Flexible:  Supports 31 Modbus slave devices | Up to 24 GPIO connections supporting I2C, 1-wire, SPI or dry contact protocols | Single or 3-phase power

Robust: Direct to cloud – no local server as potential point of failure | Local logging to ensure metrics are recorded even when internet access is down | IP 67 enclosure


SolStream provides a simple way to enable remote access and control for your system. It’s hardware- agnostic standards-based design provides compatibility across a broad range of manufacturers. Cloud-based architecture ensures availability anytime, anywhere. SolStream communicates with power electronics and other sensors to monitor electricity

production and storage as well as other environmental metrics. Data streams to the cloud for logging, analysis, visualization or external processing via an open API.

Simple: Small form factor | Integrates into existing RS485 systems

Flexible:  Connect many devices with one unit | Compatible with an extensive list of power electronics and sensors

Robust: Direct to cloud – no local server as potential point of failure | Local logging to ensure metrics are recorded even when Internet access is down | IP 67 enclosure




SolStations aim to provide a centralized solution for off-grid communities without effective power or Internet services. The SolStations address the problem of how to support more all-important value-added commercial activities in communities faced with infrastructure constraints. The key objectives of the SolStations are to optimize power usage for a variety of productive needs articulated by a community, while enabling Internet connectivity and introducing ICT skills development in tandem.  With energy access as the anchor, centers rely on partnerships with local organizations advancing health, education and/or economic outcomes, aiming to accelerate and broaden these outcomes via connectivity. With the current SolStations still in their infancy, we are exploring further partnership opportunities, as well as the role of community-based networks in developing more robust, sustainable frameworks for future centers.


We currently have SolStations in operational and planning stages in Africa and North and South America, to read more about specific SolStations check out our Projects page.