Remote Generation for the 21st Century

Modular Power and Connectivity Solutions

SolStation is an easy-to-install containerized product that can produce 8-24kW of solar power with advanced battery storage and provide wireless connectivity for up to 16 neighboring villages with TV White Spaces (“superwifi”) technology, at the most remote locations.

It can be connected to any source of power generation and has integration capabilities with the Stellar Power Platform, which lets operators manage and run the system remotely in an efficient way. The exterior can also be branded and used as a space for advertisement.

Productive Community Centers

SolStation is built to empower remote or off-grid communities with reliable renewable power, Wi-Fi connectivity and a multi-use space. A SolStation caters to the specific economic and lifestyle needs of a region, which means the space can be used as a:


Cold Storage

ICT Training Centre

Vendor Space

Health Center

Computer Lab

The energy can be used to run various laptops, power and agricultural tools. A minigrid can also be established through a SolStation by making external connections.

More Than Power: Key Features

  • Off- or on-grid solar power station, 8-24kW
  • 13-52 kWh advanced batteries, optimization
  • AC-input ready, generator or grid
  • Broadband Internet, hotspots up to 15km away!
  • Single-unit or fleet control Stellar Power PlatformTM
  • From 200-500 sq. ft. of flexible, sheltered space
  • Rugged design, advanced thermal coating.
  • Amortization and operation below diesel cost!
  • Install in less than one day
  • Low maintenance

Remote Power Systems Bridging the Energy Access Gap

Optimize power usage for a variety of productive needs of off-grid communities, while enabling Internet connectivity and ICT skills development.

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