IoT Monitoring and Control Devices

Rugged and Smart Power Plant Controllers

SolSense™ is a family of IoT hardware devices designed for remote power system data acquisition, sensing, and control. It acts as your in-plant hardware interface executing commands for all your distributed power system components and streaming data to the cloud for use with New Sun Road’s Stellar Power PlatformTM or for external processing via an open API.

It’s hardware-agnostic standards-based design, provides robust control and compatibility across a wide range of protocols and devices. It also supports local caching, protecting against data loss during network outages. Hybridized local and cloud-based architecture supports control optimization via machine learning and ensures availability of real-time insights anytime, anywhere.

SolSenseTM Product Range

  • AC Control:
    Report power metrics to the cloud from any number of individual electrical circuits, limit or cycle power. Typically used in facility energy management.
  • DC Control:
    Intelligently control a DC-based hybrid power system. Typically used in telecom systems.
  • AC Passive:
    Monitor and report energy metrics from 1- or 3-phase AC systems. Typically used for energy audit purposes, especially for solar sizing.
  • SolStream:
    Report data from any Modbus-enabled, SunSpec-compliant power system device to cloud. Typically used as a system data monitor.


Small form factor | Integrates into existing RS485 systems


Connect many devices with one unit | Compatible with an extensive list of power electronics and sensors | Single or 3-phase power | Supports 31 Modbus slave devices.


Direct to cloud – no local server as potential point of failure | Local logging to ensure metrics are recorded even when Internet access is down | IP 67 enclosure

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