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Maintaining remotely located passive infrastructure is more than an access challenge for field personnel. Remote locations and harsh conditions combined with the logistics of providing power and fuel to ensure equipment continues to operate as required, adds to the difficulty. To maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs), equipment checks and maintenance must be combined with active monitoring to ensure ongoing reliability.

SolSenseTM and Stellar Power PlatformTM provide the ability to monitor remote cell towers, track fuel consumption, power availability and site access history while reducing the time and expense of field maintenance visits.

End-To-End Tower Power Management

Our monitoring and control technology delivers a complete end-to-end solution that seamlessly connects tower owners with their field assets offering immediate business value.

By integrating both monitoring and remote services into cell tower sites, tower operators gain insight and analytics to keep cell towers functioning at peak levels by managing temperature, door access, video monitoring, diesel generator access/usage, battery health, and other key power performance metrics.

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Tower Power Availability

Technology Features

Real-time AC/DC Power Monitoring

Intelligent Power System Control

Automation –Generator Fuel Saver, Battery Charging, etc.

AI –Driven Optimization and Anomaly Detection

Portfolio Management

Incident Management

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Case-Studies & Clients

Maximizing tower uptime in rural Honduras.

Maximizing tower uptime in rural Honduras.

Remote tower power maintenance built on advanced analytics

Fuel savings for C&I  facility operator

Fuel savings for C&I facility operator

Solar AI Optimization reducing OPEX.

Improved operation efficiency for  African Microgrid operator

Improved operation efficiency for African Microgrid operator

Simplify operations and uncover insights on integrated platform

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