Sonya Sangster, ICEF

“WOW! What a great system you and your team have put in place. It looks amazing – and Shafic [local technician] is really great. The whole system is so well set up! It has been cloudy the last few days so we have been limiting the amount of power that we are drawing off the system, but it’s so powerful – that’s amazing!”

Engineer, Tekera Resource Center, Uganda

“Things are going well for the NSR system at Tekera and it actually recently saved our bacon at the centre! The government wasn’t able to refill our propane type canisters which power our vaccine fridge so we were able to use the [SolStation™-powered fridge]…as a vaccine fridge for our [baby] immunization program at the clinic!”

Sam Slaughter, CEO, African Microgrid Developers Association

“NSR’s Stellar platform enabled us to offer improved service to micro-grid customers and take better care of our power systems.  As our business scales, Stellar interfaces will be of critical importance to ensure that our services remains reliable and cost-effective. Stellar’s combination of functionality and usability has made it an immediate hit with our internal teams which use it on a day to day basis.”